Thirteen tips and tricks for running a hiring event

by Indeed Hiring Events

Posted on May 6, 2019

hiring event

Hiring Events are an efficient way to make a large numbers of hires in a short period of time. The thing is… The people that make hires (recruiters) aren’t the same people that execute events (event planners), and since event-based hiring is somewhat new, pretty much everyone is learning as they go. Our team has the luxury of talking to lots of hiring event operators, so we figure it’s only right to pass on some best practices from what we’ve learned!

  1. Provide snacks and refreshments, and then advertise it. Not only is it a great look for your brand, it pays off quickly when you consider the fact that it costs anywhere from $30 to $300 in online advertising to get just one person to show up.
    • Indeed Hiring Events identifies perks like this and makes them prominent to attract more candidates to your event
  2. If you have an online application, don’t require its completion before the event. Getting a qualified and motivated job seeker to show up to your event is the goal, and putting any obstacle in their way reduces the likelihood they’ll show up.
    • Pro tip: Have some tablets or laptops on site for the ones you’d like to extend an offer to. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll come to your event and refuse to fill out your online application.
  3. Track your ROI. If you advertise in more than one place, make sure to either track your RSVPs in one central landing page or make sure you ask all attendees where they saw the event. This will help you figure out your cost per attendee.
    • Indeed Hiring Events allows you to share your event page, and we even give you tracking links so you can measure clicks, RSVPs, and attendee. We even provide a report after the event!
  4. Think about your online advertising runway. Getting RSVPs far in advance of the event may lead to low show rates (attendees / RSVPs), but advertising too close may result in a lower total number of RSVPs. We find the sweet spot to be 7 days, but here are some things to think about before setting your ads live:
    • Entry level positions demand a faster process. In other words, a warehouse worker needs a job tomorrow (shorter runway) while a nurse may be scoping one out for next month (longer runway)
    • Rural areas benefit from a longer runway to be able to catch different sets of job seekers that come and go.
    • Indeed Hiring Events knows that events are unique in how they need to advertise. We advertise in a way that ramps up as your event gets closer in order to maximize the number of attendees that walk through your door!
  5. Staff your event based on your RSVP count. Let’s say your event is 4 hours long and your interview process lasts 30 minutes on average. That means that one hiring manager can interview 8 candidates with no breaks. 8 candidates means about 40 RSVPs based on the average show rate we’ve been observing. Use this logic to ballpark the number of people from your team need to interview at the event.
  6. Make your event fun. Especially if you need to make lots of hires and especially if you’re looking for talent that is hard to find. Here are some ideas:
    • Hire a DJ
    • Have games ready for people who are waiting
    • Give attendees a tour of your store or the work site
    • Do a swag giveaway
    • Hire a food truck for the day
  7. Best time of today and day of week for events. We get this one a lot, and the answer is “it depends”. For example, if you’re opening a new bar, it would make sense to hold an event on a Monday afternoon when you’re confident that your audience isn’t already working. However, in general, it’s always good to stick to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as these are the days when job seekers are most active in their job search.
  8. Choose your event venue strategically to maximize attendance. One advantage to an event is that you can move the location of it. For example, let’s say the job is located in a rural area about 20 miles from a larger suburb. Consider hosting the event in that suburb. This will give your team the opportunity to sell candidates on why they should make a small commute to work.
  9. Use video to help jobseekers learn more about the nature of the work and your company as a whole. We’re in a world that’s dominated by 10 second video snippets. Consider showing off your company culture and the position being advertised in a video in addition to the conventional job description.
  10. Provide salary information. You’re not asking for someone to spend a few seconds to click the two buttons required to apply, you’re asking for someone to print off their resume, get dressed, and physically get to the event. Being more transparent about the roles will make the job seeker more decisive about coming. In fact, we’ve seen that job seekers are 40% more likely to RSVP to an event if a salary range is provided.*.
  11. Staff your event a little higher at the beginning of the event. Job seekers tend to show up to hiring events in the first few hours. Maybe they want to make sure the positions are still open, maybe they want to attend the event before their current job, or maybe they want to appear punctual and reliable. Whatever the reason is, consider having an extra interviewer or two to cover the surge in the first few hours of your event.
  12. Have realistic expectations of who you can hire in such a short time, and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, it would be pretty challenging to get 100 active healthcare professional candidates to show up to an event in a town of 10,000 people. Think about running multiple events over a longer time period to capture different sets of people at different phases of their job search.
  13. Follow up with your no-shows. The reality of today’s economy is that it’s tough to get people to show up. In fact, about 80% of all RSVPs won’t attend. Being able to track the (lack of) attendance and following up with folks that couldn’t make it, will help maximize your event ROI.
    • Indeed Hiring Events can reach out to no-shows on your behalf to see who’s still interested, and we even pass along their Indeed Resume!