Product Overview

The content on this page may not fully represent the most current product or service, which is subject to change.

Step 1: Creating the Event Page

Client Intake Form

Fill in this info to create the Event Page.

Add screener questions, job openings and descriptions.

A CS Rep will review the finished submission and create a live event.


Step 2: Viewing the Event Page

Event Page

A branded, shareable event page to collect RSVPs


Features of the Event Page

Screener questions ensure only candidates that meet your qualifications will be able to attend your event

Time slots allow you to manage candidate flow throughout the event

hiring events screener questions
hiring events time slots feature

Event Page Ads

ITA and Sponsored Job ads promote the Event Page on

hiring events sponsored jobs
hiring events ita

Step 3: Pre-event

Candidate RSVP confirmation

hiring events rsvp confirmation email

Candidate RSVP reminder

hiring events rsvp reminder email

Daily client event update email

Links to your event, RSVP spreadsheet, and more.

hiring events rsvp update email
hiring events event prep email

Step 4: Event day

Virtual Event Lobby

Event staff can access their virtual event via an emailed link

NOTE: For in-person events, go to your event location and sign in candidates using the Indeed Hiring Events sign-in tool link in your email

hiring events virtual interview lobby

Employers can add interviewers and update the welcome message that job seekers see when they check-in

hiring events virtual interview invite
hiring events virtual interview message

Once the event has started, employers can initiate interviews directly from their event lobby

NOTE: Multi-lobby capabilities coming soon

hiring events virtual interview lobby
hiring events virtual interview
hiring events virtual interview summary

Recruiters can see a summary of their event performance

hiring events virtual interview invite

RSVPs are prompted with the welcome message and asked to get in line

hiring events job seeker interview lobby

Candidates are prompted for their phone number to enable text message notifications and as a fall-back in case of poor video quality

hiring events job seeker interview lobby

Candidates see their spot in line and will be notified when they are able to join the interview room

hiring events job seeker interview lobby
hiring events job seeker interview lobby

Step 5: After the event

Client Recap Email

Includes list of attendees and RSVPs by source

hiring events recap email

Follow up emails to absentees

hiring events re-engagement email